Compliment Yourself

Affirmations are a great way to change your way of thinking, develop a strong mindset, stay focused on your goals, believe in your abilities and get motivated to achieve more.

To make their effect even more powerful, you can say them out loud in the mirror. Things you say to yourself in front of the mirror have a greater effect on you. They feel awkward at first and become firm beliefs over time.

But does it really work? I found myself skeptical but then tried it back in the day when I discovered Louise Hay… and I realised that my perception REALLY matters.

On the days that I said my list of daily affirmations in the mirror, I felt better… stronger… happier… focused. And who doesn’t need that? So when I saw that it was #ComplimentYourMirror day, I remembered the importance of affirmations and promised myself that I would start again.

What is mirror work? 

According to one of my favourite authors Louise Hay 

Mirror work is the most effective method I’ve found for learning to love yourself and see the world as a safe and loving place. 

The most powerful affirmations are those you say out loud when you are in front of your mirror.

The mirror reflects back to you the feelings you have about yourself. It makes you immediately aware of where you are resisting and where you are open and flowing. It clearly shows you what thoughts you will need to change if you want to have a joyous, fulfilling life.

Whether you look in the mirror with fear or glee, it’s important to remember that we choose what we see.

Here’s a list of 20 affirmations I’m going to be reading in the mirror every single day for 30 days… will you try it with me? 

1. Every day I get more and more confident in myself and my abilities.
2. I feel comfortable in my skin.
3. I accept myself for who I am.
4. I don’t seek attention and approval.
5. I am confident in what life has planned for me.
6. I like what I see in the mirror.
7. I have control over my mind and my life.
8. I’m good at many things.
9. I’m outgoing and communicative.
10. Each day it gets easier for me to do things with confidence.
11. I have the knowledge and competence to do what I want with my life and achieve a lot.
12. I’m proud of who I am.
13. I’m doing great things with my life.
14. People feel good around me, they want to be in my company.
15. My voice sounds confident.
16. I naturally appear and feel confident in every situation I face daily.
17. I radiate confidence.
18. Whatever I want, I can get it.
19. I don’t feel intimidated by other people.
20. Being the best I can be is a top priority for me.

You can even put notes on your mirror for affirmations. I’ve found that notes AND positive self talk works best for me.

Do you think you can try the 30 day mirror challenge? Let’s start this week and see where we get… I want to know how it feels for you and the impact it has. I’ll share too and we’ll get the positive energy flowing! Let’s make July “Positive Self Love” month!

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Let’s talk about it!