Shaving, Waxing or Laser? Which one works for you?

Now that Summer is in full swing (oh MY it’s been hot!)  those little Summer dresses lend themselves to a particular beauty routine… HAIR REMOVAL!  You’ve likely asked yourself, “Should I shave? Wax? Laser off all that pesky hair in my bikini line, underarms and legs?!” 

These days there are many alternatives to shaving. It’s not just about the razor anymore. Different hair removal methods work better for different areas and skin tones.


How it works: Shaving is the simplest, the fastest and the cheapest way to remove hair. Shaving first became popular during World War II when nylon stockings were in short supply and bare legs became a trend that has yet to cease.

Best for: Legs, arms, and underarms. If you have lighter and finer hair, you can hope for better results with shaving.

Pros: Quick and easy. Shaving is also, inexpensive and rather painless. Shaving creams make the process all the more easier as it moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft.

Cons: Hair regrowth is very quick as it is cut at the surface. The regrowth is also blunt and may appear thicker. Cuts, nicks and razor burns go hand in hand with shaving. You will also be prone to ingrown hairs.

Cost: Razors and shaving cream are very inexpensive and can be bought at any pharma or grocers.


How it works: Waxing is the application of a sticky substance to the skin. The resin binds hair to a strip of cloth, which is yanked off (usually in the opposite direction of hair growth). Some thick waxes are applied and then peeled off (best for bikini waxing). Sugaring, an alternative to wax, is made up of a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water.

Best for: Waxing works on all body areas, from the legs to the bikini to the face.

Pros: Three to six weeks of smooth skin. The advantage of sugaring versus traditional waxing is the cleanup. The mixture comes off with water. Hair grows in thinner. (We swear.) So after a couple of times, it hurts a bit less.

Cons: Hair is removed from the roots and will eventually grow back. The pain factor with waxing and sugaring is high. But the first time hurts the most.

Cost: Upper lip and chin £8, Eyebrow shaping £12, up to £25 – £30 for legs.

Laser Hair Removal

How it works: Light source penetrates the skin to target the hair shaft and inhibit hair growth. Typically, the hair in treated areas falls out within 2-3 weeks.

Best for: Lasers work best on dark hair, light skin because the laser targets melanin which is found in dark hair. Can be used for legs, face, bikini area.

Pros: Lasers aren’t as painful as waxing, but are more painful than depilatory creams or tweezing.

Cons: As usual… pain. It’s like a rubber band snapping the skin. And laser hair removal is not permanent. Usually lasts from weeks to months, and regular sessions may be needed to achieve and maintain the desired effect.

Cost: Laser hair removal costs between £40 and £400, depending on the area of skin and number of sessions included. You may be recommended four to six sessions, spaced about four to six weeks apart.


How do you deal with pesky hair removal? Have you tried laser? Any tips and tricks you’d like to share? Let’s talk about it on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.