Covid Confusion

covid confusion

These weird feelings…

Are you feeling as though the news about COVID-19 and wearing masks, going back to school, and socialising is just regurgitating itself over and over again with no clear instructions from our leadership? It seems like we’re stuck in this bubble of news boredom and leadership confusion … Does that make sense? 

Now Boris Johnson has told The Telegraph “We will not need another national lockdown” and likens shutdown to the nuclear deterrent, saying: ‘I certainly don’t want to use it’

So let me give you my views as confused as I am: 

Wearing Masks

Do we or don’t we?  Or is the decision in our own hands?  And why is it compulsory as of 24th July? Why do customers have to wear them in shops but not the staff? What’s gonna be in the air then that isn’t in the air now??  

The UK is the third worst-hit country by coronavirus, behind the US and Brazil, with close to 45,000 fatalities. YouGov data shows that the public may simply be waiting for the Government to tell them they have to.

Most Britons (55%) don’t think the Government has a policy on wearing a face mask in settings like town centres and high streets. A further third (34%) think official advice has been to wear masks but compliance remains optional, and 5% think masks are mandatory in such spaces already.


My Twitter colleague and radio pal Quentin Nield was in Spain last week… check out his Tweet.  

OK Q nice and to the point …. but I think he’s also confirming that direct instructions have been given.  Why are we here in the UK receiving so many mixed messages?

Back To School 

All pupils, in all year groups, will return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term.

According to the BBC: When schools reopen fully in England in September, the government wants teachers to keep classes or whole year groups apart in separate “bubbles”. Schools will be asked to minimise the number of contacts each pupil has during the day, by keeping classes or whole year groups apart in separate “protective bubbles” rather than practising individual social distancing.

Schools must:

  • have strict hand-washing policies
  • promote the “catch it, bin it, kill it” approach when it comes to coughing and sneezing
  • step up cleaning arrangements
  • be ready to contact NHS Test and Trace

I have one child in full-time education, she’s in performing arts college and I’ve made it very very clear to her that whilst the holidays are in full swing, take full advantage of resting and a little bit of freedom.  I know she’s missing her friends and the places they used to go, but for now enjoy the park, a social time outside.  Until this virus has been wiped out completely, I don’t think going to college dancing and pirouetting with flicks of perspiration hitting each other is a positive thing.  

Work and Socialising

I was going into the studio on Sundays where it was skeleton staff so started back again Monday to Friday, I feel very safe, the domestic staff are 100% on it, as soon as you leave one studio they’re right in there wiping, spraying, topping up wipes and hand sanitisers. 

I loved working from home, spent more time with the family, relaxed a lot more but there’s nothing like being in the studio.  I’m very much aware that I have the choice and not everyone is in this position so I don’t take it lightly.  I don’t go on the tube or the bus and yes the Congestion Charge is burning up my credit card but right now it’s about health and safety!

I don’t want to sit on the tube with someone who could have been carrying the virus and then take it into my place of work, bring it home or more importantly I don’t wanna take it to my mum’s house. And that’s why I won’t go out for a drink to the wine bar not even a hotel bar, and I won’t go to a restaurant.  What’s in my fridge will suffice, I pick up a little bottle of Prosecco, (or a Dragon Stout like I did last night after visiting my mum🤣) and sit down in the comfort of my own home.  

I know it’s really hard right now, and I know for some people it’s actually quite boring because they want to get some different activities going on in their lives, but I still say safety first, especially with the mixed messages in all areas from our leadership. 

Summer is on the way, we’re having some beautiful days of sunshine and yes the parks are looking a little bit fuller, but until we are absolutely sure that a second wave of this virus ISN’T heading our way I’ll say it loud… PUT YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LOVED ONE’S HEALTH FIRST!!!  

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