Diane Kenwood

Diane Kenwood is probably one of the most bubbly women I have met – she can laugh me under the table (and I can laugh!)

A serious business woman without hiding her femininity, Diane is for me one of the best examples of being yourself in business.  It’s often felt that women need to increase their male energy in order to succeed in the boardroom or office, so when I met Diane I was quite taken aback as to how friendly she and warm she was.  Those attributes didn’t stop her from being a power house business woman.

We first spoke in 2011 when I was invited to the Woman of the Year Lunch and was a guest at her table.  She called me to confirm my attendance and get my dietary requirements and left a very bubbly message on my voice mail ending with a giggle, so refreshing to hear.

I’m lucky enough to call her for advice any time because, believe me, her advice is liquid gold.