Obama at The Mandela Memorial

This morning I sat down to watch the Nelson Mandela Memorial Service from South Africa and couldn’t get over the sea of people who turned up to honour this global icon.

I always get a little emotional in a positive way, when I see people of all races, colours and ages uniting, because I truly believe this is the way the world should be.  Nelson Mandela is an icon.  He may no longer be physically here but his life will also be remembered, and that smile.

I watched President Obama speak with passion, as a president, but also as a man who discovered Nelson Mandela during his studies.  His appearance created a rapturous applause and, even though the rain poured down, people truly celebrated the life that changed the world.

I think Obama’s speech at the memorial was as moving as his own speech at his inauguration.

Also in headline news: Barack Obama, David Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a selfie… and I thought it was great.  It showed the human side to politicians and was a celebration after all!