Dorothy Koomson: Rose Petal Beach

Dorothy Koomson is one writer I have been following for some time.  I will always remember reading Ice Cream Girls and turning the pages as if battery powered!  So when I started to follow her on Twitter I took the very brave step of sending her a Direct Message only to find that she had been following my career too.

I took a leap of faith and organised an interview via her publishers, and once I got this woman in the studio I wasn’t going to let her go until I got to know “everything” I needed to know about her.

This 4 part interview covers her childhood, early career, that first book deal, her passion for writing and her latest offering Rose Petal Beach.

Pour yourself a glass of wine (or your chosen beverage), get some nibbles, and take a listen.  I loved talking to Dorothy Koomson.

Dorothy, thanks for your time!