Dressing for summer

Black clothing is so sexy when you’re happy with your body shape, but when your body shape isn’t where you want it to be black clothing (in some cases) is worn to hide!   Dust off those dark colours and let’s get bright and colourful and spring into Summer.  I hit the shops this week and even though my body shape isn’t quite where I want it to be (and we’ll talk Slimming World another time) I couldn’t resist come colour.

The sun’s out, the heat is turned WAY up and so it’s time to show some skin. It’s been almost unreasonably hot and lovelies, it’s time to stock up your wardrobe with the summer staples. The bare-all trend with the dainty touch will be setting the temperature this season.

Summer White is always a good choice.


When was the last time we went wrong with white? Perhaps, never. The one color which never goes out of trend and this time it is the season’s darling. Get back to the basics with a simple, short white summer dress. Dia Mirza keeps it effortless in a cute girly dress which talks off feminine charm. Team it up with flat shoes and you just replaced the iconic LBD in the most perfect way. And can you say white denim? I took some convincing but I’m finally a fan.


Watch your fabrics.


Much high-street fashion is made from poly-blends that just isn’t breathable, and can seriously show sweat stains. To stay cool when the weather is hot-hot-hot, make sure you get materials like cotton, which absorbs perspiration and release it quickly.

Linen is also a smart choice, stronger than cotton and a better heat conductor, making it the most easy breezy breathable fabric in existence.

And believe it or not, silk is a viable choice for summer, being natural, breathable, and cooling. The only downside is that it will need frequent cleaning if you sweat. Super thin denim also is a summer staple.


Shoulders are IN.


Unless you’ve been stuck in the style closet, you’ll notice that shoulders are IN this summer… in a big way. Off the shoulder, off the charts. You’ve probably seen some shoulders around the block as the weather started heating up. Off the shoulder, cut out sleeves – baring your sun kissed shoulders is THE fashion trend of 2017. Make sure you invest in a really good strapless bra to keep yourself perky and daring to bare those shoulders.

What are your favorite summer looks? Exactly how many off the shoulder tops do you have in that gorgeous closet of yours? Have a trend that you’re sure needs to start this summer? How do you still look fashionable and stay cool at the same time? Let’s talk about it in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.