A little effort goes a long way!

Most people love a surprise, especially when that surprise is something that helps them or makes their life a little bit better, if just for a minute. It shows you’re paying ATTENTION. Even better is when you show effort – giving your partner the impression that he/she is worth a bit of difficulty. Sure a card and a box of chocolates is nice, but what about something that took you more than five minutes to prepare?

The more effort you put into a gesture of love, the more your partner feels the love.  The fact that you’ve gone the extra mile decreases distance between you and your significant other. So, for example, leaving a trail of love notes with hearts shouts “I really love you!” more than a simple “I love you” at the end of every phone call.

Get (a little bit) complicated – Doing slightly difficult things for your loved one brings you closer.

What you’re telling them: “I’m willing to put forth special effort for you.”

How much EFFORT you put into something is inversely proportional to how much you care. And I’m not talking about financial effort here, sometimes the most loving things cost next to nothing. Here’s a few ideas:

  • A carefully planned getaway weekend. Valentine’s Day is only once a year – take your loved one somewhere special or transform your bedroom into your idea of a favorite getaway. Get creative and change your outfit, wear a colour your partner doesn’t reguarly see you in. (Remember, it’s the effort that counts)
  • Write a story about your love — include how you met, how things are now and maybe something about the future to give your significant other some hints about what you are hoping to share soon – an engagement or a bundle of joy? (depending on how long you’ve been together of course)
  • Instead of buying a Valentine’s card for your sweetie, make it yourself. Add personal things that will mean something special to your one and only.
  • Make a video. (No, not THAT kind of video.) Get out your smart phone and talk about how you first met, the special things you love about each other and your special message to him/her. Promise to watch it every Valentine’s Day, no matter how silly you think it is!
  • Make a collage of pictures from some of the most memorable moments during your relationship.
  • Do something silly and fun together — like go to a bouncy house. Even if you don’t have kids bring out your inner child!
  • Rent a bunch of over-the-top romance movies and laugh at all the ridiculous lines. Or, make it a game and cheer (with wine or champagne) every time you hear a ridiculous romantic line.
  • Make a playlist of all your favorite songs as a couple.
  • Make your own dance floor with your partner – pick out an amazing playlist and include some sultry songs!  Play and have fun and find a new and exciting way to get the romance going!

How cheesy or corny or silly these efforts are depends on what you and your partner like. And truly a little laughter never hurt any relationship. But what they ALL have in common: your effort. That… is the best gift you can give.