Dare To Love


Dare to Love Yourself

We may sometimes be hard on ourselves or disappointed in something we’ve done and wonder, are we even capable of loving ourselves what says someone else? Maybe we all need to learn to hug ourselves more, as the longest relationship you will EVER have is with yourself so why not treat yourself nicer. Write down what you love about yourself or if it’s a struggle, ask friends or family. What are your strongest points? Best attributes? What are your skills? Then train your internal ‘radio’ to talk to you with more respect for the awesome person you are.

Most of us have suffered with low self esteem and lack of confidence at some point in our lives. So you’ve been through some rubbish, cry about it but then pick yourself up again and determine to BE better, do better, be proud of you again and walk away from any shame, guilt and fear. With all our daily demands, we cannot be all things to all people, all of the time but we can put on that superwoman cloak and say I CAN DO IT! So relax with YOU, celebrate YOU, love YOU.

Dare to Love A.N.Other

Never easy. A real fear of heartbreak, loss, grief is painful but then we also miss out on the ecstasy, the highs & lows, the rowing and making up. Only YOU know who is right for you in this part of your life, so yes, tough, but you have to choose and sometimes it feels like a leap of faith, going into the unknown. It can be hard, easy and challenging, all in the same day but it also comes with many good surprises. Sexual passion and feelings change like the wind, it can be HOT like fire one day…mmm…warm another…ahhh…and cold the next…schrupps, so if overall right for you, choose to love.

Relationships are as fluid as we are, forever changing, so neither party can stay rigid otherwise we just break. After I thought my previous marriage would last forever & ever, I no longer believed in fairy tales, bit like Carrie in SATC where she tells her ‘niece’ ‘you know it doesn’t really end like that right’…hilarious! So for my second time around I wrote ‘Hope’ – ‘I will love you today for today is all I know’ meaning both of you have to make a choice every day to be together. We can only do it one day at a time as no one can predict the future so don’t be scared, go on…LOVE…I dare you!

Dare to Love a child

Let’s get one thing clear, until they move out and have a family of their own, we will never ever ‘do enough’ for them! Even then it’s a bit iffy ‘you messed up my life because…’ syndrome. Once you accept that, you can get on and not feel guilty when they throw a tantrum, stand off, argue, shut down, give you the silent treatment because before you know it they are back on their phone ‘chatting’ to their friends perfectly fine, leaving you with the emotional fallout, wondering if you’re a good parent!

Let them go! Let them feel some anger, not getting it all at once, to learn patience, or not getting their own way, to learn life can be tough but hard work, brilliance & strategy can reap rewards. If we don’t let go, they will never ‘build muscles’ e.g. go out to town with friends or travel abroad etc. We cannot keep them in a cocoon, so yes daring to love a child is painful as it means letting them go. They will also have all these experiences without you, that they will have to deal with, such as meeting boys, girls, loss, love, heartache, loneliness etc. This kind of love is for life, so pace yourselves…it’s a long hilly ride but I dare you! Love them.