Feeling Fab in Sharm El Sheikh

In January of this year I made myself 2 promises and I’ve held out very well.  The first was to wear less black, and the second was to Feel Fabulous, whatever it took.

An opportunity recently arose where I was asked to review a hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, it just happened to be the Royal Savoy!

After a 5 hour flight my family and I landed at Sharm, were greeted at the airport and taken to our villa at The Savoy.  We had a tour, a swim and went for a meal.  The following day I headed straight to the Gym, did some cardio followed by a rigorous session of weights, leg raises and stomach crunches.  Next stop The Savoy Spa.

I entered a room with dimmed lights, soft Egyptian music, and the aroma of relaxing lavendar.  The Therapist (who was all of 5ft) proceeds to exfoliate my whole body using Red Sea salt – her appearance against her massaging hands didn’t match at all!!  This process took 30 minutes and had my muscles pulsating and my skin tingling as the Salt activated blood circulation.  Once exfoliation was complete I took a shower and re-entered the room for my Anti-Stress massage, that was another 25 minutes but every inch of my body from my head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, and legs entered a state of 100% de-stressed relaxation.  I could have slept on that couch until the next day!

The Facial was was with non-scented cleansing lotion, as it was more about circulation and cleansing as oppose to aroma.  The toning and moisturising followed.  You can’t leave a Spa having had all those treatments and not have a manicure and pedicure with colour change on both hands and feet.

I felt like a completely new woman from head to toe as I stepped out of the Spa to temperatures of 41degrees.  I sat at the Rocky Pool Bar and sipped a glass of Opera Aida Rose which was like pink champagne.

It Felt Fabulous!farsi translation