Nothing’s impossible. Ask Nick McCarthy

The Paralympics have left me realising that you really can do anything you want to do, you just have to put your mind to it.

Our elder daughter, Morggan, announced a few months ago that she wanted to start playing piano again, never wanting to dampen a child’s dream, we took the necessary steps to find a teacher and made a decision based on qualifications, location etc etc.  Nicholas McCarthy turned up at our door, bold as brass and full of life.  He was born with his lower right arm missing, found a passion for piano playing at the age of 14 and now runs his own Musical Management Agency, Allegro Tuition.

Not allowing negativity to even enter his vocabulary,  he is a passionate piano teacher, and has been granted the pleasure of playing alongside ColdPlay in the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Games.  Nicholas McCarthy will also be hosting his own concert at the Fairfields Hall in Croydon on Thursday 13th September 2012.

We had a chat at the Magic studios yesterday before he had to rush off to rehearsals.