Felicia Leatherwood : Loving Your Hair

California based Felicia Leatherwood, is an expert in hair care for natural African American/Afro Caribbean Hair.  Her clients include Will Smith, Jill Scott, and Terence Howard amongst other.  We met up some time ago when she was in London conducting a hair seminar.  I contacted Felicia recently to tell her about Feeling Fab and she has agreed to be one of my contributors for Feeling Fab Hair Care.  So here are her tips for maintaining hair if you’ve chosen not to use chemicals.

Perfect Hair Care Regimen For Curly Naturals

– Shampoo every 7-10 days

– Co-wash every other week using conditioner instead of shampoo

– Deep condition every 2 weeks for at least 20 minutes.  Do this during the weeks you are not co-washing.

– Apply leave-in conditioner following every shampoo to moisturize and strengthen your hair

– To style, use your favourite styling product or Shea butter whipped with a little coconut oil

– To seal in the styling product, use an oil mist spray like Jojoba or Argan oil.

Thanks Felicia