Going back to school (finally!)

As the autumn term is about to begin, my girls tell us what they’re most looking forward to about going back to school.

Morggan on starting her GCSEs

I’ve had a really great summer, although we didn’t go away. I thought I was going to be really annoyed about it but I spent a lot of time with family and began to actually appreciate staying at home.

A highlight was my sister and I visiting Brighton with our niece and nephew. I think the reason I really loved it was because it wasn’t planned and because it’s so easy to get to Brighton from where we live, it was a really good day.

I’m now preparing to go into Year 10 and start my GCSEs, and all of a sudden EVERYTHING that mum’s been telling me is starting to ring in my ears – being more organised, taking responsibility for my studies, and using my time more effectively (which probably means less time on the iPhone!)

I’m feeling confident, but every now and then I get nervous about the amount of work that is expected of me. Will it be too much? Will the targets that are being set for me too high? Have I made the right option choices.

Mum always tells me to do my best and that’s there’s no such thing as a mistake, just a temporary adjustment. I’m holding on to that. I think the beginning of Year 10 is going to be quite strange but once I get used to different pace and knuckle down, I really do believe I’ll be fine.

Fingers crossed!

Kamarane on starting a new school

This holiday has gone really slow for me because I’m so so excited about going to high School. I’ve been counting down the days with an app on my iPhone – it shows the days, hours, minutes and even seconds until I start.

It feels strange to no longer say primary school, I’m really going to have to get used to saying high school.

I went with Mum to buy my uniform and tried on a blazer, which was strange because I’ve never had to wear one but soon I’ll need to wear it every day. Then there were things like the PE kit and stationery that I didn’t need before. It’s all so different.

I know the excitement is going to wear off sooner than I think because the work load will be very different and there’ll be homework maybe every night, but I’ve heard that Year 7 is more of a settling in time in high school.

What is going to be very, very weird is going from being the oldest at primary school t the youngest at high school. I’m not looking forward to that at all. A few of my friends from my primary school will be going to the same high school as me, and it will be lovely to have my older sister there, so I feel safe.

I’m planning to sign up for sports clubs and want to get involved in music once I’ve started.