Skincare products men really want!

Adverts for male skincare products seem to be cropping up everywhere – televisions, billboards, magazines, you can’t escape them! Suddenly it appears that men are as concerned about looking after their skin as women. As I don’t know much about this myself  I asked Feeling Fab team member Jake, who celebrated his 21st birthday this month, what he thought about it.

Let’s face it, skincare products aren’t just for women any more, we’re just calling them male grooming products.

I turned 21 this month and have reached that stage in life where I’ve begun to shave a lot more frequently. It’s become very clear that my family and friends have noticed too, particularly around holidays.

Where there were once interesting gifts I’d spend all day marvelling over there are now moisturisers and shaving balms concealed within birthday and Christmas presents – and I, for one, am extremely grateful for this free bathroom cabinet restock!


If men improve with age, as they say, then I think I’d better start now. I want to look great like George Clooney or Colin Firth when I reach 50.

Nivea have long been big in the world of male grooming products, in fact they even have an entire separate website for their male-targeted products. Deodorants, facial washes, shaving foams – you name it and the Nivea For Men probably have it covered.  Best of all the Nivea products tend to smell fresh and unobtrusive, unlike a few of the more questionable fragrances used by other brands.

Manatomicals have some great products; they’re on budget and extremely witty. Their selection of products range from shaving care to shower gels, costing from around £3.00. My favourite is the exfoliating wash, hilariously named ‘For a mug that’s everyone’s cup of tea’. Hopefully a few laughter lines won’t hurt.

Look alive! L’Oreal Men Expert’s Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On stops bags wonderfully, reviving tired eyes and preventing dark patches. Combined with their gradual tan moisturiser you can achieve a radiant appearance even after a mid-Winter night out.

There you have it, that’s my plan to stay youthful and – if you’re reading this Mum – what I think is a more useful gift than extra socks!