Relationships will come and go… but books are forever!

Valentine’s Day can come and go, but I’ve always been in love with books – from novels, to much-loved bestsellers and prize winners, and even much loved old favourites! Books are constant and uplifting and always there. Books allow you to open up new chapters in yourself and discover hidden poetry in the recesses of your soul.

February 14th is not only Valentines Day but also International #BookGivingDay! 

How perfect is that?

Why I love reading…

Helps you to grow.

To read is to constantly grow, pushing yourself to interact with stories, characters, and ideas. Reading is all about constantly challenging yourself to achieve more than you did with your last book.

Allows you to experience multiple realities.

Reading takes us to different places in time. It creates and understanding for others as we share the experience of the characters in our books. Books take us beyond our world and into the life and realities of someone or somewher else.

Gives you perspective.

When you experience life through the eyes of another, you experience empathy. Different viewpoints can make you uncomfortable but allow to experience life in a different way. Reading offers you the opportunity to understand different perspectives and widens your world view.

It impacts our children.

“But I haven’t got time” I hear you say.  I know it’s difficult but fact is our kids need to be able to read to get through life.  There are many social skills our kids require, but reading – in my opinion – should be very high at the top of the list. Maybe parents reading with kids will also help to keep parent/child relationships intact, and kids will find connecting with their parents a more positive experience than looking for fun elsewhere!!

What books are you reading right now? What books have changed your life? What book would you give me (if you could) for #BookGivingDay? I’d love to hear all about it on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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