#InConversation With Pamela Haynes

Once again, I plan a 30 minute Instagram Live and it goes on for over an hour!!! Join me as I talk to @lovingthebrothersauthor Pam Haynes, about her excellent book, do bless yourself with a copy, there’s at least one character that you “know” in this book, and that’s one of the things that keeps you turning the pages. Ax ❤️📚

Never in a million years did I expect an Instagram live to go on for more than an hour and people still “engage”.

Thank you @lovingthebrothersauthor Pamela Haynes. You are one amazing woman, an awesome guest. You’ve encouraged me to re-launch my book club and use the online facilities that are available, and you’ve given me that last push to finish my book that details my journey and radio. Keep shining. Ax