Your Choice, Your Decision…


Your Responsibility…

Have you ever made choices that you later on regret? Do you start kicking yourself so hard you’re left with bruises and scars for life? Or do you immediately blame others for your choices, because the outcome didn’t work in your favour?

Ok. So you messed up. Again. Maybe you made choices in spite of what your parents said which leaves you lagging behind your peers. Or maybe you didn’t take up opportunities that came your way and feel that the ship has sailed and it’s too late. Or you thought someone wasn’t good enough for you but turns out they brushed up so well you regret you didn’t at least give it a go.

Whatever the ‘mistake’ or regret is, know that it is never too late to learn from it and grow as a person. Stop kicking yourself, stop blaming others. Just stop and look at yourself. Truly. Look at yourself with all your faults and say “Welcome to the human race!” Then make a decision to do something different.

Sometimes we are in two minds, we toss and turn wondering which way to go and always wondering what others think, when all we need to do is ask ‘what do I think?’ (& see how it affects others). A decision is a commitment, a determination. No wonder it feels like a weight has been dropped off our shoulders when we make a decision, as it actually gets resolved like a puzzle. A decision is a resolution.

However, be careful what you ask for as it always comes with responsibilities! Whether that is money, husband, wife, job, business there will always be more decisions to make. For example, not “How do I make this final £10 last for the week” but “How can I make this £100,000 last for the month to pay all the staff, invest back into the business and buy another one”. Don’t you dare let it put you off transforming your life but know that rose coloured glasses are only for the summer months!

1.       Make a decision

2.       Stick with it

3.       Give it your all

4.       Adapt it. Make it work for you.

5.       Need to change it?

6.       Make another decision…

We are adept at adapting, us humans. Our capacity to cope stretches beyond our imagination and when we think we can’t take anymore, we somehow can. That inner strength always kicks in if we believe it and draw from it. So move on, yesterday was yesterday. It may take a few days, weeks, months, even years to recover from our choices. However make another decision and choose a new thing because tomorrow IS a new day…new possibilities.

TODAY is the outcome of Yesterday…Tomorrow will be the outcome of TODAY. YOU CHOOSE.