Influence – What Impact do you have on others?

We usually take responsibility for ourselves and our family but what if you had to take on the whole world? Too much! I hear you cry. Well, we shouldn’t actually take on the whole world, however maybe we need to realise how much we really do impact the world around us.

When we think of influence, big names may come to mind such as Branson, Oprah, Jesus, the Obamas, Madonna even! It is easy to see how they impact the world but if we bring it into normal life, how do we influence those around us? What feeling do they have after being in our presence?

As business owners we are constantly aware of how we influence others, both clients and the team. We know sometimes we have to be tough cookies but at the same time we try to encourage and empower our team, regularly having meetings to ensure we are all on the same page. They in turn then influence their teams and clients and so on, hopefully in a positive and uplifting way.

We recently attended a send off for an elder and within the church, packed and vibrant with singing and dancing, many a true word was spoken, of how this man had influenced not only their lives but their children’s and children’s children. At some funerals people struggle to find words but here, there were an abundance of tributes, where he had impacted people as a young man in Jamaica before he came over to England and continued to direct choirs, with soprano, alto and tenors. He left an excellent legacy and will be sorely missed.

MoMichelle Obama’s recent speech was indeed uplifting, where she praises the work and influence of those gone before her, so she can be where she is today. Someone must have influenced her and Barack’s lives whether small or large for them to be in one of the most influential positions in the world, whether politically, financially (or not), just their image alone has already impacted many children across the world to aspire to be better, be greater and that they can reach beyond their immediate surroundings if they choose to.

So…What would people say about you? How are you impacting your world?

You impact everyone you come in contact with every single day, whether that be family, friends or strangers. You can use that power to manipulate, strangle others dreams, undermine and cuss, or you can use it to say a kind word, encourage, teach and lift up the spirit of someone who needs a listening ear. Think of those who have influenced you, whether good or bad and no matter where you are today, you can still make a better choice for your life, despite the regrets, you can still change your life, you can still impact others. We all have something to share, no matter how boring we think our lives are. Start with your family, branch out to other families, nieces, nephews, friends, strangers, whoever could use your help just be mindful that what we do matters as someone is always watching , learning and taking it in. Start today, with a small word, a kind word, a listening ear, make someone laugh, look up a course, be braver, stronger, wiser, go where you can be influenced if that’s what you need.

Then…YOU… impact your world.