Staycation or High End Getaway?

In the midst of a financial uncertainty (cough – Brexit – cough cough), cutbacks and lifestyle changes are what’s “in style”.

Grown ups everywhere are exchanging cable subscriptions for Netflix, regular cell phones to prepaid, traded SUV’s for fuel efficiency (thanks Elon Musk I LOVE the Tesla) and saying goodbye to their two-week long high end vacations. And as a result, the staycation was born.

We have the paid time off work but don’t think we can afford to go somewhere luxurious. So what’s the alternative? We get caught up on our favorite shows – yes we get the paid time off work, but don’t believe we have enough cash to venture out of our home.   So, what do we do? Sit in our jammies watching amazing shows (Power – oh my yes).

Sometimes, a staycation can be the answer, but only if you know how to do it right. However, just because we are concerned about finances doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t treat ourselves to a full on vacation, either. Here are some pros and cons of a staycation vs. a vacation so that you can decide for yourself: which wins?

Staying Home

The Pros:

  1. It’s a money saver. When you’re not worrying about flights, hotel rooms or eating out mostly every night, that can significantly cut back on your expenses during your time off. Money is the top cause of stress for most of us. By staying home, you can enjoy low-cost, low-stress activities — the kind you rarely have time for — from reading a novel to exploring local museums.
  2. The stresses of travel just do not exist in your home. There’s no metal detector at your front door, and your easy chair is way roomier than an airline seat in economy! Even the simplest vacation requires research, booking, packing and planning. Managing those details — and figuring out an unfamiliar locale once you arrive — is the most stressful part of travel.
  3. You can get some ultimate relaxation. Though vacations are exciting and give you a much needed change of scenery, they are often times a bit stressful toward the beginning and the end. Packing, getting to your vacation hideaway and dealing with the almost inevitable mishaps along the way are stresses you’re not looking for in your time off.

The Cons:

  1. We all desire a change of scenery during a vacation. We want to escape entirely from the norm! You sacrifice brain-boosting novelty if you don’t treat your staycation as a REAL vacation.
  2. Leaving home means leaving your comfort zone, and challenging yourself is one of the pillars of brain health. So if you opt for a staycation, break your routine. Maybe stay overnight in a new neighborhood or try a different dish at a familiar restaurant.
  3. Another risk? You may focus on household projects or struggle to disconnect from work. That’s important because disengaging from your job is good for your health. Extended breaks from email can lower your heart rate and stress levels.


Getting Away

The Pros:

  1. Vacations are more meaningful than staying home. Traveling exposes you to new cultures, new people and new activities. You learn not only about the world but also about yourself.
  2. Getting out of town, sitting on a sandy beach somewhere or running through city streets is exhilarating. A change of scenery and some R&R is good for the soul.
  3. On vacations, we tend to love the idea that we can do whatever, get a little crazy and not really have to worry about it, because we don’t know anyone.
  4.  So many choices. At home, your options for adventure are, sadly, a bit limited. When choosing your vacation, you can go anywhere.

The Cons:

  1. Obviously, the money. Vacations can be uber expensive and it’s hard to justify spending THAT much money for such a short time.
  2. The planning. The packing. The metal detectors. The waiting in line for flights. Living out of your suitcase. Did I already mention the spending of the monies?
  3. It seems inevitable that something goes wrong. Someone jumps in the pool with their phone, gets their camera stolen from the beach, gets brilliantly sunburned…the list goes on and on.


Should you stay or should you go? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Let’s talk about it!