Instant Homemade Facelift

Sagging skin. It’s a thing.

It happens to all of us. We want to get tighter and firmer skin, but don’t want Botox or any expensive, chemical-filled remedies. While tightening our skin, we want to nourish it as much as possible.

The good news? Natural remedies that you can make homemade will help to improve the effectiveness of the immune system for the skin. They help to fight against free radicals, minimizing the effects on the cells. The skin doesn’t suffer as many signs of aging, which also includes saggy and inflexibility within the skin.

So, what are the best natural options for improving that saggy skin?

Egg Whites

I’m sure you’ve heard of the egg white solution! Egg whites have lots of protein to support the collagen. They’re also a natural astringent to create firmer skin. Full of lipids, which help to lift the skin physically – they act as nature’s Botox!

Whisk 1-2 egg whites, creating a foamy texture. Place the whites all over the face and next and leave for 20 minutes. It’s magic. Seriously.

Aloe Vera 

Yes, the hype about Aloe Vera is true. And even though you can get over the counter aloe, the very best way is to grow it in your home.

Use the gel directly on your neck and face, leaving it to soak in for about 20 minutes. Use lukewarm water to rinse off the gel. There’s no need to use a moisturizing cream afterward since the aloe vera gel is a natural moisturizer.


We all know that lemon brightens but did you know it’s also an excellent option for tightening and firming up the sagging skin? It instantly keeps the skin cells protected, allowing them to fight against all signs of aging.

You can use the lemon juice directly on the skin. Cotton balls and some lemon juice make a perfect cleanser or toner.

Just be careful and be sure to use sunscreen as lemon juice makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage.


You’ve all seen the cucumbers over the eyes trick right? This lovely veg greatly reduces puffiness and swelling. It also does this for the skin! Just chop up a couple of slices of cucumber and rub them in circles on your skin.


Honey will work alone to keep the skin toned, cleaner, and healthier.

There are also hydrating and sagging skin benefits. The honey will work with the collagen to keep production up and the skin firm. Add a touch of honey to some olive oil and use as a facemask. You won’t be sorry.


Cinnamon works directly on the collagen in your skin. It helps accelerate the production of collagen so that your skin tightens quickly.  You can add cinnamon to some olive oil for easy application.


Strawberries contain alpha hydroxyl acids. These are used in most store-bought products to reduce the signs of aging and completely cleanse the pores. Why get a chemical option when you can use strawberries on your face instead?

Mix some mashed strawberries with yogurt and honey for the best results on your skin.

Coconut Oil

You know how I love my coconut oil!  It’s one of those ingredients that has multiple benefits, and one of those is to hydrate and support the supple skin. Well, the hydrated skin produces more collagen daily and maintains flexibility and elasticity. And the oil will kill off bacteria and reduce redness and puffiness.

Green Tea

Green tea is magical! It has antioxidants and repairs cell damage. Use the cooled, used tea bags. Mix with honey and lemon juice and apply directly to the skin. The alternative, place the tea bags over your eggs and allow the cooling benefits reduce eye puffiness.

All of these natural options will help you get naturally tighter and firmer skin. There’s no need to add various chemicals to your body or break the bank for Botox. 

I did find some amazing YouTube videos on home remedies to tighten your skin… have a look and try them out! I’d love to see your results – let’s talk about it on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram!