International Day of The Girl with Plan UK

11th October was a very exciting day as it was the first International Day of the Girl with Plan UK.

The main aim of Project Plan is to promote education amongst girls here in the UK but especially in countries where girls are denied an education, some of whom are pushed into marriage as young as age 14.

A number of mentors including Fiona Phillips, Shobna Gulati, Sarah Brown and myself took the morning off to inspire and Speed Mentor groups of girls in the Pods of the London Eye, followed by a talk at the Royal Festival Hall.

It was amazing to hear the stories of teenage girls from foreign nations who had fled their countries refusing to be forced into marriage, in favour in an education.

The work that Plan is undertaking is very inspirational, they will be holding future events and through my passion for reading and education I intend to be involved.

Take a look at the work of Plan or may be after reading a full account of the first International Day of the Girl you may want to get involved.