It’s the little things in love that matter

It’s getting closer and closer to the Big V-day extravaganza. The internet is abuzz with heart filled hashtags and jaw dropping price tags. Shops are proclaiming that your loved ones won’t know how much you care unless you drop some heart stopping hot cash. The colour red is slowly appearing in the shops and gift ideas are springing up.

Love is a verb. It’s not a word you say – it’s a thing you do. Words can be chosen and changed and manipulated, but actions, as they say, speak for themselves. How you show someone your love makes a big difference.

Small, frequent, thoughtful gifts are more important than the big ones

How you’re showing your love:  “I’m committed to you.”

Spending big money on roses and jewelry and all that ‘typical’ stuff may give you the WOW factor on Valentine’s Day. But grand gestures shouldn’t take the place of more frequent demonstrations of your affection. Not to say that flashy gifts are necessarily bad, but frequency does matter. Your partner will appreciate a large box of chocolates and a lot of physical attention on Valentine’s Day, but if you ignore them the rest of the time, your partner won’t be feeling the love.

It’s not about spending money either. It’s about being mindful of creating those gestures of love every day. Saying “thank you” more often, giving your partner control over the TV for a night, greeting them at the door, or waking up a few minutes early to make them coffee…. these are simple acts, yet so effective. Even just turning off your smartphone to enjoy dinner with your spouse shows you’re making room in your daily life (and your heart) for this other person.

So put away the credit cards and think with your heart instead.  Do you have any ideas/suggestions/plans to show your Valentine that you care? Share them in the comments below!