iWOW – International Women of Worth

iWOW-Room-3...Angie Greaves speak about attending and Guest Speaking at the International Women of Worth (iWOW) ladies breakfast meeting.

Before changing my hours at work I would finish my Drive Show at 8pm on a Friday and was up and out of the house at 8.30am on a Saturday morning to present my Saturday Show. So in July when I changed to afternoons, and then in September when ‘Soul Town’ started at 6pm on Saturday, I adored having my Saturday morning lie in.

For me, to therefore get up on a Saturday morning at 5.30am, leave the house at 7am to arrive for a ladies breakfast meeting at 8am you know it had to be something special!

iWowiWOW was a powerful event where women of all walks of life; mothers, lawyers, plastic surgeons, life coaches, entrepreneurs, etc, gathered to share the secrets of their success. Education definitely played a part, but the route of a lot of the stories was common sense, honesty and utilising life experiences to assist others.

The fabulous Udo Maryanne Okonjo chaired the panel of ‘Straight Talk’, which was the discussion section of the event that took place straight after breakfast.

I had become quite detached from the fact that the audience were there for me; to see and speak to me directly and not just through the microphone.

MOBO Award Winner Rachel Kerr opened the event with her beautiful singing voice.

Dr Joy Odili shared her work in the field of plastic surgery and emphasised the fact that “you can do anything once you put your mind to it and not be drawn into other people’s belief systems”.

Suki Laniado Smith spoke of her work as a business coach, but it was her personal experience of motherhood that truly captured the hearts of the attendees.

The morning ended with some Zumba dancing, courtesy of Fuzion Fitness, and we sure did shake off any remaining cobwebs that were still in our systems.

It was definitely evident that starting your day positively will have a good impact.  I’m looking forward to the next event here in the UK and would even contemplate flying to Lagos for their Nigerian Breakfast!!!!

The iWOW conference was full of spark and dazzle, I left on a complete high and the remainder of my day was Fabulous.

Angie x