Jimmy Jean-Louis: Heroes

He’s worked alongside Jean Claude Van Damme, had a small part in Monster In Law with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez, and he’s even appeared in music videos with Mariah Carey and George Michael.  BUT did you watch him in Heroes?  Such a shame that the writer’s strike affected so many shows which didn’t make a comeback and Heroes was one of them.

Initially targetted for an alternative role, Jimmy Jean-Louse ended up securing the role of Rene (and who could forget him?), but this role in Heroes was initally written for a New Zealander!!

Listen and hear about his journey from Haiti to Paris to Spain to Hollywood.

JimmyJean-Louis speaks with passion about how his inner belief gives him the strength to know that “nothing” was going to stop jim achieving his goals, and in a strange way those humble beginnings in Haiti propelled him to Hollywood.