National Fitness Day

It’s National Fitness Day, the biggest celebration of fitness and physical activity across the UK. Coinciding with the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, this day is for reminding us exactly how important fitness is to our lives, no matter who we are.


ukactive is sponsoring a host of events for National Fitness Day 2016, held on Wednesday 7th September (today), encouraging the physical activity sector to sign up to provide free taster classes to the public as part of National Fitness Day.

ukactive chair Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson urges gyms, health clubs, leisure centres, parks and other venues around the country to participate by registering their interests on

Sport and physical activity can have a really positive impact on people’s lives, improving both physical and mental health

Tracey Crouch, Minister for Sport

National Fitness Day is the day to celebrate the role physical activity plays across the UK. We should all know the benefit regular exercise delivers including a healthier heart, increased well being and a better quality of life. However, many of us find getting fit troubling. Here are some tips to help achieve your fitness goals:


Don’t try to be perfect, try for perfectly healthy. The best part about trying to be healthy is that it CAN BE DONE. The word perfect word can be shaming. All or nothing: either I’m perfect size two or I QUIT that gets us in trouble. Instead this about your all around HEALTH; body, mind, and soul. And that is a life long journey… not a destination.

Find a healthy substitute for your favorite guilty pleasure. I love chocolate so I substitute the creamy milk chocolate with it’s healthier sibling dark chocolate. Tossing a few dark chocolate chips in my mouth not only satisfies my cravings but is good for me too!

Step off the scale. It’s not about weighing less it’s about the ratio of muscle to fat. Stop obsessing over every pound and start thinking about ‘being healthy’.

Work your body hard… but be kinder to yourself. Our bodies can handle hard workouts and tons of exercise, but stop over exercising your self esteem. Be kinder to you.

Do SOMETHING. Even if you don’t think it’s a lot, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator is a few more bits of exercise than you were doing before. Little things add up and turn into big results.


What do you do to stay healthy? Are you going to try anything new this year to keep fit? Would love to hear all about it in the comments below or on Twitter @AngieGreaves

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