Keep Pushing Towards Your Goals!


Lighter days! Yes at last! As clocks change and we all get confused again which way it goes, maybe you’re already wondering whether or not you can really reach your goals this year. If you’re like many who have put in the hard work during the winter months you could already be reaping the rewards of those early buds, ready to blossom fully in your life, career or business.

Or are you stressed and worn out already? Are the weeks running into each other non-stop on your very own merry go round? So…how do we all keep going when its only March and we’re exhausted already?

It takes real guts to start something new, be with someone new, run a new or growing business or even to be flung reluctantly into a new path of life. It can be like jumping off the ledge not knowing whether the wings you think you have, will work and you’ll fly rather than fall.

Business wise it’s scary having to meet payroll every month as well as the bills and overheads, travelling at the speed of trust (The Secret). Constantly fire fighting, managing and strategising all at the same time, mentally exhausting. Every day we live in this uncomfortable zone but you tend to get use to it and in fact it challenges you and speeds growth as a person, business and leader.

No one likes to be out of their comfort zone, however, once you ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?” it really is okay. So yes, do push on, it’s new, it’s the unknown but fail fast so you can learn quick and rectify any mistakes. Then you can determine to do even better with more knowledge and persistency not only to keep your head above water but to thrive.

We can merely exist, in our lives…just survive…live…or thrive. Your thriving is unique to you, as for some, just getting out of bed and going to work is a triumph. Someone’s £10 is another person’s £100 is another person’s £10,000, it’s all relative. So be rich not only in money but in love, lust for life, family, friends, your team, your safe warm home and your achievements.

When you feel tired or want to give up, sometimes the pot of “gold”, really is just around the corner. Build your mental muscles, give yourself that pep talk, we are all capable of a great deal more than we think. Inner strength is there for you to draw upon at any time because when you think you can’t, you really can. I CAN DO IT!

Manage your thoughts, that running record in your mind, it defines you. As your thoughts become your words become your action, becomes your habit, becomes your life, becomes your destiny. YOU CHOOSE.

Spring shows us what we have been doing all Winter, so what have you been up to? More importantly…what are you going to do next?