I’ve had to put this review on ice for a while due to circumstances beyond my control (broken laptop!), but at last I can share my thoughts on the latest instalment of the Gwen Stefani collaboration with Urban Decay.

Urban Decay have released a number of new products alongside the original limited edition launch and here’s my take on them.


“Get her glowing, contoured looking skin with six shades of blush, bronzer and highlighter that are versatile enough for any skin tone.”

A direct quote from Urban Decay. Hmm not quite. Of all the new products, I was looking forward to this the most. Being a blush fiend, I’m always on the look out for new shades to buff onto my chops. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t work for me at all. The shades are ashy and lacklustre at once applied and  do my skin tone no justice whatsoever. Those of you who are lucky enough to wear this will love it, so pale skinned beauties rejoice. The shades are extremely blendable and their sheer formula gives streak free colour and apparently holds up for up to eight hours.

urban decay gwen stefani cheek palette

urban decay gwen stefani cheek palette 1

urban decay gwen stefani cheek palette 3


urban decay gwen stefani cheek palette 2



So now we have lipsticks! From a bright red matte to a shimmering sheer nude and a creamy deep fuchsia. I received four (there are six in total) and I have to say I’m quite impressed by their formula. This collection includes Urban Decay’s first-ever shade in a finish that they’ve dubbed Mega Matte – a super-intense matte that gives intense colour in one coat.

urban decay gwen stefani lipsticks 1

urban decay gwen stefani lipsticks

urban decay gwen stefani lipsticks 2

urban decay gwen stefani lipsticks swatches

Ex Girlfriend – Sheer nude-rose with pink shimmer

714 – Bright red mega matte

Rocksteady – Deep wine red cream

Spiderweb – Satin red cream

My faves are surprisingly 714 and Ex-Girlfriend. 714 is super matte and rich in colour. I sometimes shy away from reds, but I’m getting better and I really do quite like one. It helps that I’m loving all things matte at the moment.  Ex-Girlfriend is an easy to wear nude which is great for casual days when you just want a no fuss slick of colour.

Rocksteady and Spiderweb are both creamy in texture and glide on. Great for day or night, they’re a good choice if you want something a little deeper in tone. May I also add that ALL needed a quick touch up after eating, but  714 held up the best.


Urban Decay weren’t kidding when they announced that this palm-size kit with two brow powder shades, were created just for Gwen. The two ultra-fine, silky powder shades in Bathwater Blonde (dark blonde/light blonde) are versatile enough for a range of blonde and brunette tones – but unfortunately nobody else!

I find it somewhat frustrating that Urban Decay didn’t see fit to release a couple of extra options so that everyone could up their brow game.   It also comes with mini tweezers to eradicate strays, two mini angled brushes to shade and sculpt, two mirrors (one magnifies so you won’t miss a single stray), and wax to set. It’s a cute little set.

urban decay gwen stefani brow box 3

urban decay gwen stefani brow box

The soft, pliable wax (infused with aloe, beeswax and coconut) helps to create a precise shape and keep hairs in place. The top tier of the case holds the powders and wax, and the bottom tier holds all the tools (designed in gold and black to match the case. It’s a little fiddly to open, but that could just be my sausage fingers that are the problem!

urban decay gwen stefani brow box 1



Finally, the lip pencils. Urban Decay’s bestselling 24/7 formula applies smoothly, prevents feathering and lasts all day. These pretty much do what they say on the tin. They define your lips, and prime them ready for lipstick or gloss. Vitamin E, jojoba oil and cottonseed oil enriched formulas ensure a smooth application. I can’t get enough of the rich, creamy formula these have. They don’t drag on the lips and really help to perfect your pout. Their pigment makes them great to wear on their own too. Love ’em.

urban decay gwen stefani 24-7 pencils 1

urban decay gwen stefani 24-7 pencils

urban decay gwen stefani 24-7 pencils 2

urban decay gwen stefani 24-7 pencils 3

So mixed views from me. Although the lipsticks and pencils get a firm thumbs up from me, disappointingly the cheek palette and brow kit get a resounding thumbs down, for the clear reasons stated – their unsuitability to my skin tone.

Urban Decay’s summer collection is out now, so here’s hoping that fares better when I get a chance to check it out.



*This post contains press samples