Let’s Mambo!


Janet Collection Havana Mambo Braids Review

Hair we go again!

One thing I love about my afro hair texture is its ability to be transformed into many differing styles! The Black woman has always adorned her hair through the millennia and this year, one trend that looks set to take off is that of the crochet braid installment procedure for single braids and plaits.

Braids, twists and now afro textured bulk have been a staple way to style afro hair. The styles enable the wearer to create innovative finishes, from mico plains to bouncing curls whilst protecting the wearer’s hair from daily manipulation allowing it to grow.

The downsides are that it took a long time for these styles to be completed (most of the day had to be dedicated to the installation) and could stress the fragile hairline area causing tension alopecia and the permanent loss of hair.

The crochet method of installation overcomes both of these issues as each plain or braid come PRE-TWISTED/PLAITED and is installed using the looping method. To find out more about crochet braids click here.

At the tail end of last year I tried out the new Janet Collection Havana Mambo braids, which were installed by Audrey Nyemi-Tei, a talented stylist and founder of A-Touch Professional

When I first started to see these braids on the social media circuit I knew I HAD to get them, having fallen in love with the speed of installation using the crochet method.


As forementioned, the braids come pre-twisted, with a hole at the top end to form the crochet loop. I used 6 packs of the 24 inch length to get a full look and the time taken to install from the ‘cornrow’ stage took a mere 1.5 hours! It looks like the way we ‘braid’ our hair is set for a revolution!




One thing that I love about wearing crochet braids is that you can get to your scalp to keep it moisturised. I have been using the ORS Hairepair Vital Oil for Hair & Scalp. The blend of Grapeseed and Sweet Almond oil restores the natural moisture levels of the hair whilst providing nourishment and shine. It smells divine and is light enough to use on the braids themselves.

The nozzle is also perfect for getting right into the cornrow base too! This oil is available at Superdrug.


I have been wearing the braids for nearly 6 weeks or so and I love them! I am extremely impressed with the wear and longevity. I have recently loosened the twists – another major advantage – you can essentially get two styles for the price of one!




I have received SO many compliments for BOTH styles – from friends and family to strangers walking up to me on the street! I will definitely be rocking these braids again!

Let me know if you have tried these new braids and how you got one…oh and look out for more styles throughout 2016!