Put your best face forward

Underneath it all is the preparation. Not to cover your face or hide but to reveal the bigger picture of you. You want people to see your WHOLE face, not the fact that your nose is shiny.

We don’t slather on face makeup to keep people from looking at us… a hood would serve better in that capacity. Rather, we use creams/moisturizers/concealers/primers to make our skin the best it can be.

So much more than the old style pancake makeup, the base for our faces can include moisturizer, sunscreen, astringent. Think of it as face care with an added bonus.

Get your ‘Base Face’ right and your skin glows. We all know what happens when we use products that aren’t good for our skin; breakouts, oil, shine, and the dreaded un-blended orange at the chin look.

So here are my picks for putting your best face forward from my very own makeup bag. The best primers and concealers a girl could ask for…

Radiant Creamy Concealer – Amande

LURVE this concealer, Amande shade by NARS introduced to me by my teenage daughters in Sephora New York –  where they also smoked my credit card! Thank goodness I can pick it up at a reasonable price from Liberty in central London which I walk past every day on my way to work at Magic.


To be honest I am yet to try this primer but I love the packaging and the colour 🙂
Beautiful highlighter! Eyeshadow primer is excellent and the concealer can also be used as a foundation! A baked highlighting powder subtly adding a warm hue to your complexion for a natural, radiant glow. Whether you want to achieve an all over illuminating finish or simply highlight certain points.  Beyond’s lightweight texture glides onto skin effortlessly, creating a healthy, flawless skin finish.
Love this Primer especially when mixed with a little BECCA Primer! It blends into the skin effortlessly. The primer also has light diffusing particles, which you can see by the slight shimmer in it. However, it is very subtle and doesn’t make your skin appear shimmery, which is the last thing you want from a primer.

BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Ever-Matte holds its matte finish for 6+ hours under most foundations—but easily lasted 8+ hours if worn under a long-wearing, matte foundation. The BEST for women of a certain age, especially if you’re peri-menopausal and are prone to shining a lot!!!!

Total Moisture Facial Cream The POREfessional Face Primer and Precisely My Brow Pencil – Shade No.5

Oh how I love thee Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit’s makeup philosophy is outrageously fun and its product arsenal is centered on impossibly cute names and a lexicon that aims to make beauty enjoyable. Benefit single-handedly started the trend of selling makeup and skincare products with ultra-cute appellations for less than ultra-fancy prices. As with most lines, there are enough missteps and problem products to shop carefully, but Benefit shines in several categories, including foundation, bronzing powder, blush, and shimmer products.

What is your favorite primer? Do you have a favorite concealer? What are your tips for getting your face perfectly shine free and ready for action? 

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