Letters to a Young Generation

Deputy Head School Teacher, Amanda Wilson, made contact with me and many other ladies some months ago, requesting that we contribute a piece of writing to be included in a book called Letters to a Young Generation, this would be the Girls’ edition.

A Boys’ edition had already been published.

After my email went somewhere into cyberspace and after missing the deadline for submission, Amanda and I finally managed to make contact and we agreed that I supplied a piece to be submitted as the Foreword for the book – which I was really pleased about.

Letters to a Young Generation is a collection of stories written by different women sharing their different life experiences in the hope that the writings will resonate with different girls.  It’s like a “life map” which will assist in steering young girls through their tumultuous years, answering questions, offering up information and providing comfort to situations that they are unsure of.

It’s a great concept and a book that I believe should be in every school and definitely in the school bags of every student.

There are so many distractions that children have now – especially teenagers – and this little book may not provide all the answers to every situation, but it definitely provides some much needed guidance to teenage boys and girls.

The launch of the Girls’ edition of Letters to A Young Generation took place on Saturday 5th December 2015 and as you can see was a great event.