Live, Laugh, Love – The Need To Unwind

LLL-Retreat-Promo-ImageWhen last did you turn off the phone, not put it on the silent setting, buy physically turned it off?
When was the last time you had a little comfort food without feeling guilty?
Or perhaps enjoyed a glass of wine instead of using it to “come down” from a hectic day?
Have you relaxed in a warm bath lately, with candles and some soft music in the background?
Think back to the last time you and some friends sat on the floor, and just laughed and laughed and laughed. The question I’m really asking here is when was the last time you can remember having a stress free evening?  Just an evening of pure relaxation with no TV, iPad or phone.

Time is so so precious but the skill to balance time and give some to ourselves so that we feel precious seems to be in short supply.

My last feature on taking a spa break lead me to Cape Verde, now I know that may not be to everyone’s taste, or perhaps time(!) or finances may not allow a trip of that nature, so how about a UK break?

Feeling Fab partners Rebecca Kane and Kate Vanden Bos have organised a weekend retreat with a special incentive to the Feeling Fab family.  This is not a hard sell, this is an opportunity to take time out for YOU, to refresh, to re-charge, to re-connect with yourself and to connect with others like you who just need to slow down, an opportunity to Live, to Laugh and to Love.

Full details are on and you can also take advantage of a special 10% discount* by quoting the promotional code Fab14 which is exclusive to the Feeling Fab family.

Stay Feeling Fab

Angie x

*Terms and Conditions may apply, please discuss with Rebecca and Kate. This offer may be withdrawn without notice.