Wear less black – and more pink?

M&S pink coat

Angie talks about her quest to track down the coat that everyone’s talking about this season. M&S pink coat

One of the things I’m finding hard to work out is what are the colours for this Autumn?

I would have thought deep browns, greys, purples, dark greens, etc, but there is a crazy mission to get your hands on this Marks and Spencer PINK Coat – PINK!

I’ve been scouring the M&S online shopping site, and as I work opposite The Pantheon Store on London’s Oxford Street I was dashing in there every day before starting my show.

This week, however, my eyes popped out of their sockets when I went to work to get my usual super vegetable soup and a brown seeded roll, and just before I went down the escalator a row of these beautiful pink coats caught my eye, AND my size was on the rail. BINGO, not only did the coat fit but it was right length too!

However… the coat is quite thin, and I was advised not only does it crease quite easily but the poppers on the coat have literally been “popping” off and the coats are being returned by the dozen – I then realised why the rail of coats were there!

Such a shame, as I can remember the literal fever when the coat appear online and sold out within hours when they physically hit the stores causing pandemonium.

So my mission for autumn clothing and a new autumn coat continues….