Love Yourself, Love Others


Simple isn’t it? Or it should be, as no matter what self help book; religion; race; colour or creed, this theme runs through all of them and commands us to do this to create a better world for everyone. Then why is it so hard sometimes?!

We all have emotional swings each and every day, so how can we keep up with ourselves, what says someone else! It can be hard to guess how someone really is, or what they are thinking. Do we expect too much from others sometimes? In this fast paced life, why do we always want more?

Plus, we always think it’s someone else’s fault why the love is not there or not stronger, whether that is with your partner, children, parents or friends. Could it be that WE have some growing up to do? Could WE be kinder? Not only to others but also to ourselves?

Not all the answers will appear here by the way! We are all learning and all on a journey and sometimes, when you think you have it down pat, it all changes again through life’s events, work, trauma or days like Valentines!! Maybe we should just try to be a bit kinder to each other and ourselves, stop being so judgemental, stop assuming, stop trying to figure it all out. If someone doesn’t want to talk, just show them kindness in another way, maybe they will open up or pay attention. Crucially, pay attention to yourself, then the pressure won’t be on others to secure your ‘happiness’ as you know how hard that job is!

Whatever your thoughts and feelings, let the air of love in February, bring your ‘love consciousness’ to the fore, reminding you to love yourself more, love your partner more, your family, your friends, a stranger, your job, your chosen lifestyle, your home, your clothes…you get the picture. Love Yourself…Love Others.

Ways to ‘love’ through Valentines month

1.       Look in the mirror every day and say ‘I love you’
2.       Wear more colour to remind you to have more fun…just because…
3.       Buy yourself a small gift
4.       Plan to visit a different coffee shop or town, just jump on a different bus on your next day off with or without someone
5.       Buy someone else a gift if you choose to
6.       Remember it’s just another day, there are still 364 days to love
7.       Ignore it all!
8.       Meet with all your mates, couples or not…less pressure
9.       Appreciate and show your loved ones how much you care
10.     The smallest and most thoughtful gift can be the best
11.      Create some ‘I owe you’ notes and fulfil throughout the month e.g. I will cook breakfast Sunday; Date night on X; I will come with you to something you love to do…
12.   Be kinder to yourself each and every day
13.   Say something nice to someone today and tomorrow…and the next day…start with you