5 ways to keep romance alive when you’re a parent


Now that my two fabulous daughters are older, I have more time to do the things that are important to me and my relationships. But, as our Features Writer Amy Gabriel, reminds us… when our children are younger finding time for your relationship is tough to do.

Here she gives us five ways to create more intimacy and connection, even in the midst of our busy lives. Have a read on for real and fun ways to keep the romance alive… when you’re a parent.


I’m a mother of six. (Yes you read that right SIX.) When we blended our two families together, my husband has three and I have three, we knew it would be challenging/exhausting/trying/difficult. Trying to add romance in the middle of all the beautiful chaos wasn’t a concern. “It’ll be fine” we said. “We’re SO in love that we’ll keep our groove thing going for sure” we said.


After early morning wake ups and long work days and afternoons filled with homework and nights spent shuttling children to various events and packing lunches at 11 pm… we’re not feelin’ it. I’m lucky if I get to last more than five minutes in bed before I’m snoring.

Truly, it’s so very important to keep the magic in a relationship. Romance and affection are vital to feeling close to your partner. So how can you squeeze time in for Romance that’s not in the form of a quickie-hurry up and get this over with I’m tired? Physical intimacy is very important, but an emotional connection is just as important.

Candles, wine, music, and sleeping children make for some Romance time. but that doesn’t always cut it. It’s time to think outside the box here… desperate people are often the most creative.



It’s easier to be intimate at night if the thoughts have been floating around in your minds during the day. Bring out your inner naughty little minx and send your partner a flirty email/text message.

Can't wait to see you tonight sexy xo (1)

Face to Face

Why just call your spouse when you can have a face-to-face using Face Time, Skype, or Google Hangout? As you’re going through your day, call your spouse just to say “hello.” Looking at a person in the face and into their eyes (even over a screen) will help to keep you close and connected.



Little Things

Little acts of kindness lets others know that we care, that we’re paying attention and that we’re still listening. Do something randomly kind that makes their day a little bit better or a little bit easier. Show your significant other you care and in return that you’d like for them to do the same. Remember, it’s hard to be intimate when you’re feeling unappreciated.


Go to bed at the same time

Mom’s busy, Dad’s busy, we’re all busy. The truth is that many couples have very little time to themselves when they can just talk, laugh together, cuddle, and get a little frisky. Going to bed at the same time provides that much-needed “grown up time” every parent needs. We all long for affection and attention. Carve out some sacred space for that to happen.


Get out of ‘Mom Mode

Keep your children’s bedtime firm. Make time for a transition from Mom mode. Take a hot bubble bath, try out some new sexy pajamas, shave those legs… make yourself feel delicious. Then, come out of that bathroom feeling glorious and ready for romance. You’re not Mom right now. You’re a gorgeous goddess who deserves to be worshiped.  (#Truth)




It’s time to bring sexy back. You’re not neglecting your kids if you focus on your partner. Making your relationship a priority will strengthen everything  – your marriage will become happier, your children won’t have a helicopter mom and your kids will learn from you what a relationship should be. Win/Win/Win.

What do you do to keep the flame burning in your relationship? We’d love to hear all about it on Facebook and Twitter – let’s talk about it!