Love My Wigs! An Afternoon With James Catalano

People often ask me, why do I wear wigs?

To be totally honest with you it was my babies Morggan and Kamarane who encouraged me to wear wigs and change my look.  Some years ago I gave it a try but products and techniques now are so advanced it’s a breeze.

My own virgin hair is well maintained, healthy and passed shoulder length, and it’s great.  I wore weaves for years leaving a little of my own hair out but that area became weak due to the straightening and use of chemicals, so the knowledge of not using chemicals has given me so much more peace of mind.

Wigs give so much versatility and I love changing up my hair because I can and it’s fun having a go at changing your look on a daily basis.

Recently, my stylist James Catalano and I got together to style some of my new wigs by Bahira Hair… have a watch!

I love my wigs and the choices they give me! Big thanks to James for making me look fabulous and Bahira Hair for making such an excellent product! Do you wear wigs? Would you ever consider it? Let’s talk about it on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!