Creating A Homely Ambience


The Luxury Living Room

After the hallway, the family room is the first room visitors see in your home. Consequently we usually put a lot of effort into making it look beautiful. It is also the most functional, common space after the kitchen. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge finding the balance between functional and gorgeous. Some people pick one over the other which results in a beautiful space that doesn’t feel homely, or a homely space that isn’t swanky. Regardless of your personal style, it is possible to create a room that is both stylish and welcoming.

Implementing any or all of the following tips will go a long way towards establishing that balance which is important in a busy household. The living room is a space that should evoke and encourage love and healthy conversations. It is the family’s nurturing space.

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Create Seamlessness

Start with a blank canvas by using a single colour on the walls. If you prefer to make your space even larger, let the same colour carry through from hallway into living room and any adjoining or walk-through rooms. Choose a lighter shade for all the woodwork- doors, skirting and moulding. This simple trick instantly creates a luxurious and heritage feel to your home.

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Choose Multi Functional Furniture

When selecting your furniture, choose furniture that serves more than one purpose. A coffee table that doubles up as a storage trunk. Wall shelving is one of the most underused items of furniture as it tends to be purchased mainly for its function and not aesthetics. While wall shelves are primarily for the purpose of displaying items, it doesn’t have to look drab and boring. There are a myriad of styles available that dress up your walls while providing ample display space.

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Set the Trend

We are seeing a lot of metallics and geometrics in interiors. Metallics have the added bonus of reflecting light and therefore adding to the feeling of space and light. Choose bold metallic, geometric prints for your curtains and cushions for a truly trendy look. Add a solid dark rug for even more style.

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Go neutral

Speaking about trends, neutral never goes out of fashion. Go for natural leather or neutral upholstery for your settee. This can be dressed up or down and always gives a relaxed look and a feeling of warmth. Sunny colours like yellows and oranges stimulate conversations, this can be introduced via wall colour, accessories or soft furnishings. A single tub chair in a bright colour sets off the living room. Throws in various textures add to the sumptuousness especially during the colder months. On the subject of seating, a large sofa or sectional is essential too, I call it the bonding station!

Give it life

Inject life into your living rooms with large houseplants. Pictures of family members and captured memories also add life to your space. Another way to add verve is to include vintage finds. Pieces from a different era speak of legacy and longevity, it also personalizes the space. A mix of patterns adds emotion to the space and erases the boundaries that can sometimes be felt in eerily perfect rooms.

Have you used any other tricks to make your home more homely? Please share with us in the comments box below.

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