MacMillan Cancer Care and Support

The Feeling Fab Team with Merite PR, and Shiloh PR, will be joined by MacMillan Cancer Care on Saturday 30th November for an awareness event starting at 2.3opm at The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, in London.

I absolutely hate the word cancer, it was once associated with people you didn’t know – an elder relative of a colleague like an aunt, uncle or grandparent who was approaching their sell by date.  It has become a word associated with people I know of all ages, races, and all walks of life.

Although this is event is highlighting people of African Caribbean origin I must stress that we are in no way ostracising any other culture and all are welcome.  There are many colleagues of mine – and I’m sure you know someone – who is  caucasian and married to or in relationship with African Caribbeans, so please do not take offence to the Caribbean Twist phrase and believe that the invitation is extended to you regardless of your origin.

All are welcome, and we look foward to seeing you.

Please watch our invitation via the video above so see who will be appearing at the event, and book your tickets here.english hebrew