Magnets for Menopause!

Magnets… in your knickers. I know right? Sounds peculiar, but it’s totally worth it.

Magnetic therapy is purported to help balance the autonomic nervous system.  Wearing magnets can help with many symptoms such as: Lack of energy, arthritis, sleeplessness, migraine, aches & pains, mood swings, and most importantly… menopause.

How do they work? – Magnets stimulate our circulation and the supply of nutrients to all the major organs so giving the body a natural boost. Our body’s circulation is the secret to our well-being, helping our body to feel in ‘full swing’ naturally.

According to a consumer survey, women saw a 70 percent reduction in breast tenderness, incontinence, sleeping problems, fatigue, anxiety, and mood swings when they wore magnets all day, every day for three months.

So I researched them. Then I tried them. It was quite odd to put a magnet… down there. But I have to tell you I love the results. I loved the results so much that I contacted Magnetix Jewellery and asked Sandra Walters, Marketing Director, to write an article for me.

I have been using magnetic therapy for the last five years following a discussion with my girlies on the symptoms of the menopause. One had discovered a heart that you place in you panties! I was sceptical but at £27 what did I have to lose. I was experiencing hot flash. I prefer the American term I now call them power surges, sleeplessness, tiredness resulting in loss of memory.

My husband later told me to add mood swings to the list…I purchased the power heart and within a week noticed my symptoms significantly reduced. I was sleeping, instead of waking up hourly I was down to one or two flashes, which did not totally wake me as before. I would just open my eyes realise and fall back asleep.

I immediately started telling everyone I met with most of my friends and associates responding in the same way I did. I went to the V Delicious show and met Samantha. I saw so many beautiful pieces of jewellery and worried I would overdose myself on magnetic therapy. I asked if she did home parties and invited her to do one for me. It was a great party and Samantha asked me if I would like to become a consultant. It was a no as I am a very busy person but the enticement of a 30% discount on purchases for myself got me. I started my own well-being business and have not looked back since.

As I learned more about magnets and their healing properties, I also began to wear more and something more amazing happened. One of the symptoms of being menopausal is that you are always hot. I remember throwing all my scarves, jumpers socks, UGG boots to the back of the wardrobe and walking around in a shift dress wondering why everyone was wrapped up I a coat, gloves, boots and hat – in the snow! Well I was now wearing two magnets in my panties, six bracelets on each arm and earrings. I felt myself click. Was freezing again just like I was before I became menopausal. I could not believe it.

I have sold magnetic bracelets to customers with arthritis in the ankle, wrists and fingers, for the menopause, headaches, insomnia, and back pain. To parents with children who are hyper active and customers who just love the jewellery and want to wear it because it has well-being properties of magnets, copper and negative ions.

Magnetic therapy is not for everyone but in today’s society more people are looking for alternatives to improve their well-being. Magnets and copper have been used in alternative therapy for hundreds of years. In 1954 Linus Carl Pauling received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for discovering the magnetic properties of haemoglobin. The discovery was of particular significance because besides it function as a carrier of oxygen carrier, iron also plays a key role in the metabolism that takes lace within the cells. Iron is also a key energy carrier – which can be magnetised!

Wearing magnets improves our circulation; which in turn puts moves more nutrients and oxygen around the body thus reducing inflammation. Furthermore, the earth has a magnetic core and we have a magnetic field
around us and this is disrupted with the devices we use so the magnet helps to balance this. On average 94% of the population could benefit from wearing magnets.

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