Mastin Kipp Interview


IMG_4723I always get a little spooked out when I watch someone on TV, especially when they are from the States, and then find myself in a room face to face with them to do an interview.

That was the case with Mastin Kipp.

Mastin left his home, a small town in Kansas, to pursue his dream job in the record industry. At 19 years of age he found that dream job in a record company when he went to Los Angeles. A swift elevation to an Executive position by the age of 21 was to follow. The dream then changed to a mini nightmare!

By the time Mastin was 24 years of age he found himself dependent on drugs and alcohol, and was living in a shed owned by the parents of his then girlfriend.

Clean up process and enter The Daily Love.

Love is THE strongest emotion. Every route in life that leads to destruction can be “repaired” by taking the route of Love

Mastin took this route and shares his findings through The Daily Love, a powerful online tool.   He has become one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the USA working alongside such names as Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Gabby Bernstein

He was in London in March of 2015 and I got that “spooked” when he came to the studio and I was sitting face to face with him for an interview.

Listen as Mastin shares a brief synopsis of his story and The Daily Love.

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