Printable Matcha recipes that will rock your world

I had a HUGE response to the Matcha article here at My team and I were discussing how many people reacted to Matcha and wanted to learn more so we decided to do a little investigating about recipes using this amazing green tea on steroids!

Healthy? Tastes good? Double bonus!

Matcha has become a favorite of pastry chefs since it goes very well with almost any dairy (it is probably best known in green tea ice cream) and its rich, thick flavor pairs well with sugar. Starbucks (and similar coffee shops) have already found a way to include it in their ever popular Green Tea Frappucino.

I’ve listed some amazing Matcha recipes… and I’ve also made recipe cards for you – all you have to do is save the image, copy, then print off and put it in with your recipes! Easy peasy! 




So what do you think? I love the idea of this – if I can sneak some healthy ingredients into mine and my daughters’ food… I’m all for it! Now, I want to see some of you make these and post pictures on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. I want to see your mad baking skills!