Mother’s Day: The Emotions


Mother’s Day always brings up a range of emotions for people, from an outpouring of love, to shame, anger, guilt, hate or indifference. Everyone has experienced it from different perspectives whether, their a biological Mother or not, or for many it’s the feeling of abandonment or lack of that warm ‘Mummy’ emotional connection, which they still crave well into their adult life.

My poem to our Mum at her final send off was titled ‘She was there’. Not everyone is as blessed as we have been to have a real Mother in their lives and for that I am sad. The richness of lessons learnt, the crying shared, talking to Mummy even when she didn’t understand it all has left a blessed legacy that we have passed onto our children and we hope they will pass onto theirs.

However you are feeling, if you still have a Mother or Mummy figure, treasure them and show them you really care or are thinking about them. If you are a Mum, just leave subliminal messages around the house to remind everyone Mother’s Day is here! Hopefully someone will pick up the hint and pour extra love to you that day. However, if you already receive and give love throughout the year, be grateful because for some it’s just another Sunday! If you don’t receive what you think you should, revel in the fact that you have children, some can’t or the chance passes them by and one day they realise it’s gone.

If you have no Mother or children, maybe you can adopt one, or send a special message to a sister, auntie or friend. There may be extra pressure on some this Mother’s Day but take it as a day which reminds us to share more love and show some extra appreciation. Make someone smile this week.