My First Day At Smooth Radio

You heard all about it online. The “Countdown to Smooth”. The job that was just MADE for me… I’m so grateful that you came on this journey with me!

What you don’t get to do is really SEE what I do and where I do it… so I wanted to give you a little insight and change that!

Here is a behind the scenes look with a little help from my friend and epic photography genius Patrick Lewis from PAL Associates.

There’s so much more that happens than just a voice over the airwaves. I’m making videos, researching artists, bouncing ideas with my Producer Seb about Smooth artists that are either in the news or trending on social media and definitely making sure that the audience outside London knows how special they are; from Scotland to the Lake District, from Manchester to Wales etc. Oh my goodness… it’s full on and I’m loving it!

Producer Seb really is a legend. He’s made the transition to Smooth, well smooth!

Hard at work, bringing you all the #SmoothDriveHome!

Let me tell you a funny story… Don’t Laugh… First day, new job, Kammie tells me what to wear, “mum you’ve gotta make an entrance, ” she says. 

I’m okay!!!

And that I did, got my foot caught up in the flares of my baggie jumpsuit and fell flat on my face right outside the building – well she did say make an entrance!

My producer Seb is ace. He didn’t even laugh… at least until I laughed. And as for Patrick, well we’ll go there another time!

But you know me, got up, dusted myself off, laughed it off and went into Smooth to present my first show 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

Last Sunday The Telegraph’s Stella Magazine included a feature on me which also shared some of my career tips. Have a read and let me know what you think.

Anyway, first day mishaps notwithstanding, I’m two weeks in and things couldn’t be going better! Catch me on Smooth Radio for the #SmoothDriveHome from 4 to 7pm. And as always, come chat to me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram