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Spring is the perfect time for considering a makeover of your existing look. Have you had the same hairstyle for the past several years (decades)? Is your wardrobe due for an update? Are you tired of the same old same old?

Spring is a great time to check the age of your makeup. Most makeup should be used within 6 to 12 months. Throw out old makeup and anything that’s no longer in style. With the rising temps comes a whole slew of new trends. What’s old is new again as bold lips, blue eye shadow, false lashes, and glitter make a comeback. Check out Harper’s Bazaar and their list of the best Spring 2016 makeup trends! 

image credit Harper’s Bazaar

Look at new hairstyles. While it’s helpful to look at current season styles, be sure to ask your hair stylist to help you with a style that matches your facial shape and brings out the best for you, for your age and gender. Check out some of the amazing hair trends from Elle magazine!

image credit Elle Magazine

Don’t forget your wardrobe! An overhaul is due. Check your closet, if you’ve not worn it in more than two years are you ever REALLY going to wear it again? Rid yourself of these old wardrobe blockers, as they’re blocking you from seeing what amazing clothes you DO have. You may be amazed to see an old friend in the form of a favorite skirt or two.
Update with care. When it comes to wardrobe basics like a fitted blazer, comfy jeans or a little black dress, invest in quality pieces that will last season after season. You can combine with them inexpensive items and still look amazing! But if you did a good job of cleaning your closet and making sure you have the basics, you can afford to rock some of the newest fashion trends for spring. Check out Glamour magazine’s picks for how to rock the catwalk this spring.

image credit Glamour Magazine

Be it makeup, clothes, or hair this is the season to get fresh and bloom. Take this time to invest in some well deserved self care and let me know your results! Would love to see pictures of your new spring look! Hit me up on Twitter @AngieGreaves and Instagram angiegreaves!

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