Why We Really Need Water


Water is the most important thing that we need to survive… apart from food and air and maybe the gym! There is not one animal that does not need water to live and there is no known healthier alternative for it.

On average a human body is made up of about 60% water and to keep hydrated and as a general guideline it is recommended by the people in the know -aka health experts- that we drink approximately 1.5 litres for women 2 litres for men. If you prefer to calculate your intake it is thought that for each pound of your body weight, you should drink between 14-30ml, which also depends on how active you are.

If you find drinking plain water plain boring, the good news is that your daily fluid requirement can also be met by drinking other beverages that contain a high enough water content to hydrate you such as juice, milk and teas.

Carries essential nutrients

Water keeps us healthy by dissolving and transporting vital nutrients such as vitamins minerals and glucose around our body. Every organ in our body is made up of cells that need essential nutrients and it is only possible for these nutrients to reach the cells with the help of water because the semi permeable plasma membrane of the cells supports the osmotic passage of water through it.

Oxygen transport

Water is also important as it also carries oxygen around the bloodstream to all the vital organs. Blood cells are suspended in the watery plasma in our bodies ready to transport haemoglobin. When we do not have enough water in our body, our blood can become dense making it hard for the oxygen to be taken.

Participates in vital body reactions

Water is essential for various chemical reactions inside our body that are vital for our living. Water reacts with the harmful toxins in the body and form removable compounds that are readily excreted from the body. The whole process of excretion is also mediated by water mainly through the kidneys. Thus, without an adequate amount of water, our body can accumulate toxins which could be harmful to our health. Therefore, drinking water helps reduce your chances of getting kidney stones.

Gets rid of toxins

Water is vital in helping us to rid our bodies of harmful toxins and chemicals through urinating. It is important that we pee regularly so that they don’t build up, but to ensure that we are going enough we need to drink an adequate amount.

Knowledge: Check the colour of your urine after you use the toilet. If it is any darker than the colour of straw, then you may need to drink more.