Plan a holiday every week and ignore the ‘ping’


GirlHow often do we plan our holidays, get to our destination, then not relax until we’ve cleaned, washed, hung out our clothes, checked out all the facilities and then finally breathed. No wonder it takes us a few days to really wind down, we are all so ‘on call’ and have a low level stress humming through our bodies and minds. I had exactly that conversation with a woman the other day, who takes forever to settle into her holiday in her ‘control freak’ mode while her husband goes in, finds the TV remote control, sofa and sits down, seemingly chilled!

Obviously we can thrive on stress, which can drive us forward when we have a project, exams or major changes in our lives.  However how much is too much, when every day it’s exercise, eat, sort the kids, plan lunch, plan dinner, get the shop in, work, chores, social stuff, bedtime, day in and day out with no recovery time, breather or power up time, as I like to call it. We all know our own telltale signs we should listen to, such as aches, pains, palpitations, feeling overwhelmed or having panic moments or even just getting lots of things wrong, with mental over load. Or if you’re like me, trying to do 5 things at the same time in the office, not realising that one item got missed off when you were sure you did it. Not good.

We plan and book a holiday at home or away and look forward to it, so why not use that same idea and plan a ‘holiday’ into our lives every week. ‘When do I find the time?!’ I hear you scream! The timing is up to you, some will only need 10mins a day, some one hour a week, while others may need three days! So how do we do it…just a few ideas, you will have your own, just put it into practice.

girl at park

1. Stand up now, stretch your arms out and take a deep breath (that’s your one minute holiday!)

2. Use an essential  scent to recharge (lemon), calm down (lavender), lift your mood (bergamot) or power up (basil) – have it to hand any time you need it

3. Sit in silence 5mins – 1hr or longer…gather your thoughts, get in touch with yourself, pat yourself on the back before you carry on

4. Do ONE thing at a time and do it well before moving onto the next on your TO DO list

5. Check next week’s diary and plan in your ‘holiday’

6. Plan in another activity to ‘break’ up your week (preferably anything that involves fun/laughter)

7. – walking really does help or swimming or whatever else will get you moving

8. Reconnect with loved ones or/and book an escape hotel night away (whether they get it or not!)

9. Ignore the ‘ping’ on your phone except when it’s reminding you to ‘holiday’!

10. Take up gardening (must be my age and my Dad’s influence!) or go for a massage, something that will put you in nature and out of your head, or make you totally rest for an hour or more, if you need help to unwind

You choose what is best for you and your lifestyle but make sure you ‘Holiday!!’ aka Madonna ‘like its 1999’! aka Prince for all those older enough to remember prancing around like that! Purple hat!


Karen Burke
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