RIP Silverton Sylvester Greaves

Angie's Dad

Silverton Sylvester
16th December 1926 to 17th February 2021

What a blessing to be graced with 94yrs!

A human dictionary, his speech and use of language was on point, it was 110%.  And so numerate, he taught me Maths (which I hated) by using playing cards and he used the positions on a dart board to teach me Multiplication, the doubles, the triples, etc.

A “speaky spokey” Bajan who could dominate a room with his articulation, and then switch and tell you “bout yuh rassole”😂😂😂

As a child dad told me “Angela whatever you do, do it well, do it with so much passion and always leave your mark, if you’re gonna sweep the roads, do it beautifully so that whoever passes will know that Angela swept those roads”.  I could go on.

As a teenager we unfortunately lost touch but I’m so so glad and grateful that we got to reconnect again.  

I feel a little hollow having lost so many years of guidance from my daddy. So I hold on to the great lessons he taught me for the first 14yrs of my life and celebrate his DNA which runs through my being.

My first “unofficial” Radio Programme Controller who encouraged me to speak with passion, I had no idea that this man’s articulation, love for communication, his love of music and sweet looks would form the foundation of who I was to become, and who I am.

Bless you dad✨Love you dad ✨Your baby girl ✨