Ripple in the Lake effect


What YOU do matters…

Everything you do or don’t do, will affect those you know or don’t know. To what extent can depend upon the gravity of your action or indeed the levity with which the affected, takes your action.

For example, a recent break-in in business, was one person’s selfish or desperate action which affected numerous people in the middle of the night. Namely, four policemen, one builder, two passers-by, two neighbours, three business managers and eventually numerous staff and clients. I’m not sure if the robber thought of anything except ‘what can I grab’ whilst he waited patiently with a brick to smash the door window but hopefully the police can nip it in the bud before he continues, as other traders may have already been affected by his action. However, on a positive note, it also highlighted the great spirit of our community, with well-wishers pouring empathy and blessings upon us, that we are thankful it wasn’t worst, plus it nudged us into beefing up our security measures.

We were not too phased until other people reacted and their fear and anger came to the fore. That coupled with other events that week meant a great test of our resolve as business owners, one from  which we will grow and learn. Our reaction was to reassure our teams, that all is still well in the world and life continues with a smile, hope, love and people pulling together to make their immediate world a better place to live. We chose to simplify the event, thus reducing strong emotions, by light-heartedly joking that the man couldn’t wait to get in for a treatment and pointing out that he could in fact need mental treatment.

Many say, “What can I do?” Do nothing and the lake can stagnate, maybe even die a little each day. So why not make a move, a measured move, a move that will make a ripple for the better.

People are watching you, relying on you, wondering if YOU know the way, wondering if you can help them, show them, love them, inspire them to move or even be still within their flow if that is what they need.

So what will you do or not do, for the sake of yourself, for the sake of others? You are not an island, what YOU do matters…it matters more than you think.

Cover Photo: Photodune