Daily Pressures… I Got This


Every day there is something which is going to challenge us, our beliefs or our nerves! Especially around this season when there may be extra pressures, to perform or to be there for people no matter how draining or exhausting it could be.

How do you manage the pressure? Is it really possible to fit everybody and every event in before the end of the year? Be realistic. Sometimes it’s time to batten down the hatches to ‘preserve’ yourself, your mental stability and strength. Some people say it is impossible to say NO to certain people but who told you that the world will end if you say NO? Also there is always the secondary gain you could be enjoying for always feeling needed which is fine but acknowledge it so you don’t complain or get into a frenzy with all the demands on you, which can help knock the sparkle out of life.

Did you know that there are hug clubs to stay connected and also fight clubs for those who need to hit something or scream?!

laughSometimes we’re like a pressure cooker and need to let out steam every so often, so allow yourself a moment every day to do it, whether its exercise, laughter, sport, dancing, prayer or meditation. Afterwards, when we realise we cannot control all the events around us all of the time let’s see if we can change our attitude and stop the nit-picking (alright 1 moan a day then get on with it!). What can you do to turn a situation around? When you notice ‘Grumpy’ or ‘Cantankerous’ coming out, start being thankful for something… children, friends, hubbie, wifey, health, hot water out of the tap or just look in the mirror and smile falsely until you make yourself laugh (those who have done laughter therapy start he,he,he & haw,haw,haw that will get you going!).

Is it really possible to embrace contentment in every single second of every single day? Maybe not  but why do we allow things like the weather to spoil our mood for instance? Or how is it that the smallest thing irritates or maddens us, until a hearse goes pass and we’re grateful again, reminded of how fragile we are. So next time you are in the car, look up and see the changing seasons… see something bigger than you to keep it all in perspective. Then take a big breath and say I GOT THIS and claim back your vibrancy for life.

We all have 86400 precious seconds in a day, so apart from things we MUST do, what else can you do with your ‘spare’ time? What is it that fills you with joy, makes you laugh or filled with contentment? Choose to do more of it every day or week if you can. Change your routine. Doesn’t have to be dramatic. Embrace each day and feel vivacious within it rather than waiting for your holiday time.

Try to capture moments… savour every minuscule of life like you’re experiencing it for the first time or like it’s the last morsel you’ll ever taste. Maybe as you sit around the dinner table with family or friends this season, take a mental snapshot to remember that level of delectation. Take out the games and fall about laughing as someone tries to cheat…again!

Choose your company. Choose your friends. Choose where to be this season then truly engage in every moment. Appreciate the money coming in. Appreciate the sun. Appreciate the rain, the warmth, the cold. Appreciate hot showers, the dog, the cat! Appreciate the ability to laugh, to run, to travel, to create fun. Appreciate the freedom to choose. Take the day off. Turn your phone off. Recharge yourself instead of your battery, take a deep breath and be able to say…I GOT THIS.

PS. I took time out, browsed and wandered recently and after a few hours with some sushi, cheesecake & a pinot thrown in, my shoulders finally dropped, I breathed and said…I GOT THIS (SATC fans, who said this so smoothly?!).