Smell better – FEEL better!

Angie Greaves

More than just an expensive trip to the perfume counter, scents can be incorporated in a variety of subtle ways to boost your mood.

It’s no secret that scent can have many positive effects on our minds and bodies. Why else would the aromatherapy be such a big thing? Now you can possibly gain some of the benefits of scent on the go—without having to carry a Scentsy with you everywhere.

There are several cosmetic products on the market that are infused with scents, like lavender and mint, that can help relieve stress, get rid of headaches and even help you sleep. Bath and Body Works has a whole line devoted to this!

smell better

image credit Bath And Body Works

According to Martha Roberts, an award-winning UK health writer and mental health blogger at in an article for Psychologies, there are several ways to test this ‘happy smell’ theory:

  • Fall asleep to sweet smells. In a German study, volunteers had the smell of roses or rotten eggs wafted under their noses during their REM (dream) sleep. It was found that the ‘emotional tone’ of their dreams was more positive when they’d smelled the flowers.
  • Change your sheets. 2015 research by Bupa found that ‘sleeping in a freshly made bed’ came top of the list of 50 things that make us happy.
  • Fill your kitchen with happy smells. The Bupa survey also found the aromas of freshly made bread, bacon sandwiches and fine wine made people happy. A 2014 study† found that the strawberry is the ‘happiest fruit’ – 86 per cent of us feel more relaxed by thinking about eating one.
  • Collate a positive smell ‘library’. Studies show a massive 75 per cent of emotions are triggered by smell. For example, research has shown that 85 per cent of people remembered their childhood when they caught the smell of crayons. Gather some memorable scents of your own and sniff them when you need a boost.

And then we go to our standard obsession with perfumes. There are brands that even purport to MAKE you Happy (citrus is a go to smell for wellbeing and energy). But no matter which perfume makes you personally ‘Happy’ there are certain tricks of the perfume trade that can make your smell even more delicious!

smell better

image credit Cosmopolitan

There are certain hacks to make your perfume last longer and smell even better.  Cosmopolitan knows. They’ve even discovered ’19 Fragrance Hacks To Make You Smell Amazing All The Time’. Here are a few of my favorites from the article – go to the link above for much more scent-amazing info from Cosmo!

  • Don’t store fragrances in your bathroom
  • Rub Vaseline on your pulse points to make the scent last longer.
  • Apply unscented lotion before your perfume.
  • Spray your fragrance right after your shower and before you get dressed.
  • DON’T dab the fragrance on your wrists – it won’t last as long.
  • Target pulse points.
  • Spritz fragrance on your brush to make your hair smell amazing.
  • Layer fragrances to create your own custom scent.


What kind of smells make you feel happier or more beautiful? I’d love to hear your comments below – I’m always on the hunt for new pleasing scents!