Day to Night Metallic Makeup

Many women shy away from metallic makeup, especially during the day, because it’s difficult to hide your flaws when you’ve got specks of shimmer drawing attention from every angle. Metallic doesn’t have to mean glitter, though glitter isn’t always a bad thing, the category includes all shades of gold, silver, bronze, gunmetal and every tone in between.

Metallic Makeup for Day

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The most important feature to remember when wearing metallic during the day is learning how to add dimension. The best way to do is with multi-faceted duo-chrome colours. Even shades with a more subtle duo-chrome can be worn all on their own and still provide great dimension. Colours such as the MAC favorite, All That Glitters, which is an antique gold tone, can be blended out to create a whole new shade.

If you’re just starting out with metallic shadow, replace your normal crease color with a bronze or gunmetal shade, like CYO Crush On Metal Metallic Eyeshadow in FANGRRRL with a bit of shimmer. Blend it well into the crease and you can get all the benefits of a shimmery eye without the attention. Rosy shadows, such as Huda Shadow Palette in Rose Gold is also a subtle way to introduce metallic into your everyday look.



Metallic Makeup for Night

At night is where most women go wrong with metallic and glitter. Hard lines and no blending = stage makeup.

Glitter must be used sparingly, and with skill, for you to still look sophisticated so always try to go for more opaque metallic shadows. Traditional glitter liners look forced, instead try silver or gold pencil, such as No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil, on the lower lash line with a traditional black liner underneath the lashes.

For another alternative to the traditional smoky eye, pair a bright shimmery shade such as NYX Professional Makeup Cosmic Metals Shadow in deep violet, with a silver or gold highlight, such as Stila Magnificent Foil Finish Eye Shadow (which comes with a primer!), in the inner corner.


Maybe this year we can bring the holiday season in with a little shine! I’d love to see you try some of these, I’ll post my pictures if you post yours!!! Let’s show our sparkly side on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram